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​The Rush Center for Urban Health Equity is one among (10) centers of research excellence currently funded under the National Institutes of Health Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities (CPHHD) program.  The CPHHD program supports transdisciplinary, multi-level, integrated research to elucidate the complex interactions of the social and physical environment, mediating behavioral factors, and biologic pathways that determine health and disease in populations.  A major aim is to understand and, thereby, reduce health disparities.

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The CPHHD centers seek to better understand and address inequities specifically associated with today’s two leading causes of death in the United States:  cancer and cardiovascular disease.  The National Cancer Institute, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and OBSSR at the National Institutes of Health have partnered to provide funding for the CPHHD network of centers.  Together, these centers are charged with understanding the complexity of health disparities with respect to these two diseases, developing interventions to address such inequities, and training the next generation of transdisciplinary researchers in collaborative team science (see for more information).

By combining approaches from various disciplines (e.g., physical, biological, social, and behavioral sciences), the CPHHD program advances research on disparate health outcomes.  The program aims to develop interventions and identify practice and policy approaches to address such outcomes.  Thus, the CPHHD program is increasing the rigor and impact of science that addresses the many factors associated with health disparities.